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C-SAP OERII COL Phase 1 Scoping of Source Collections by Mind Map: C-SAP OERII COL Phase 1 Scoping of Source Collections
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C-SAP OERII COL Phase 1 Scoping of Source Collections

"Well defined" OER collections


Seems currently no API support, nor widgets. Has subject RSS feeds ( but as noted in pilot biosciecne project they need extra work (

Xpert (Nottingham)

Has some API support


Has API see OCW


Also potential for re-mix of collections material in labspace


API links:

MIT OpenCourseware

Has API see OCW

OpenCourseWare consortium

A whole sub set of OCW sites - for example search "research methods" from the OCW main site

Pilot OER sources (i.e. Humbox, OpenSpires)

Would need separate scoping following pilot synthesis evaluation etc. i.e. Leicester, Oxford, Humbox  - possibily more towards institutional projects developing repositories  

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

Open Yale courses

NDLR (Ireland)

Web resources not currently defined as OER but in scope

Research Methods Knowledge Base



ESDS Qualidata

ESRC Research Methods Centre

British Library research methods collections

OBSSR e-Source book

Exploring online research methods


Note INTUTE service will end next year - though still a useful discovery tool (again not pre-defined OER sites but has 'catalogued' sites by subject reps)

Cathie Marsh Centre



Can we perhaps collate all the links within the pages to other resources? We could also have a separate scope about materials that support use of tools i.e. Nvivo, SPSS See as example

ReStore: A sustainable web resources repository (NCRM)

Real Life methods resources (University of Manchester)

Electronic resources for research methods (quite old though!)

Methods at Manchester

Other types of resource in scope (single web pages, referring pages, wikis)

Social research in Wikipedia

Department / course pages - decision on relevance, potential to scope curriculum span across subjects? HESA?

Social Research Update Surrey

Antioch Uni page

Qualitiative research skills manual

Teaching Research Methods (APSA)

Methodspace (research methods community)

Policy research methods

Glossary of Mixed Methods Terms/Concepts

Manchester Uni advice about research practice

Questionnaire design and analysis

Document analysis worksheets

Sage Research Methods Online


Web 2.0 sources to scope as 'collections'






Search engines

OER search engines

Google OER custom search

OCW search


Search creative commons

OER dynamic search engine


Assume same API for Youtube


OER recommender

Has many existing collections indexed (i.e MIT), some widgets - unsure about API

Einztein knowledge network

Temoa: OER portal

Commonwealth of Learning

RSS tools

Feed 43

Yahoo Pipes

List of RSS readers