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Mr. Diaz Teacher Website by Mind Map: Mr. Diaz Teacher Website

1. Contact Me

1.1. This page will show my contact information as well as a way to contact me through the website.

1.1.1. Graphic Design and QR Codes: I will create a flyer with information about the website and it will include a qr code with a link to the website.

1.1.2. Google Form: i will create a form that allows me to get messages from students, parents, and guardians.

2. About Me

2.1. This page will give visitors information about my background such as where i'm from and where ave studied.

3. Students

3.1. This page will have information for students. For example a schedule with important dates, links to helpful websites, and they will be able to get copies of homework if they forget it.

3.1.1. Apps: There will be an app that allows students to find, download, and print assignments they may have lost or left in the classroom.

4. Home

4.1. This page will show an overview of the website as well as announcements for the class.

4.1.1. Digital Photo Editing and Logos: I will create a logo for my self and use it on the homepage.

4.1.2. Social Media: There will be links to social media sites for the school.

4.1.3. Screencast Presentation: There will be a screencast showing the sites features and how to navigate it.

5. Parents/ Guardians

5.1. This page will give information that is relevant to parents and guardians such as upcoming events.

5.1.1. Infographics: I will use infographics to show upcoming events and other information.

6. Gallery

6.1. This page will have a gallery of pictures and videos from the class and other school events.

6.1.1. Videos: There will be videos of events that happen in the classroom and school.