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Aristotle by Mind Map: Aristotle

1. Rivalries

1.1. One of the ancient philosophers known as Plato was challenged by Aristotle.

1.2. Plato thought too much of the heavens.

1.3. As opposed to Aristotle, Plato was ot a practical thinker.

2. The Teleological System

2.1. This was a system devised by Aristotle himself, consisting of 4 steps about a thing.

2.2. Material Cause: This would the the material of where the thing is made.

2.3. Formal Cause: This is basically the shape or form of a specific thing.

2.4. Efficient Cause: This was the force used in order to make the thing.

2.5. Final Cause: This is the ultimate reason of the thing that was made.

3. Biology

3.1. Aristotle was considered to be a biologist to us.

3.2. Believed that nature did nothing by chance.

3.3. Said that animals differed because of sensation and perception.

4. Power of Intelligence

4.1. Said that senses were the gateway to the world.

4.2. Stated that humans have an intellectual power called reason, which gave us the ability to comprehend universals.

5. Doryphorus: Teleological Example.

5.1. Material: Form of a Human

5.2. Formal: Reasoning

5.3. Final: Dydactic Pieces like this one were used to display the proper way of virtues. Math was basically beauty, and forms reside in this.