Speech act theory

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Speech act theory by Mind Map: Speech act theory

1. 3 levels

1.1. illocution

1.1.1. "what wants to be achieved"

1.2. perlocution

1.2.1. "what is achieved"

1.3. locution

1.3.1. "what is said"

2. classes of speech acts

2.1. declarations

2.1.1. change the world by the utterance

2.2. representatives

2.2.1. words that emphasize speaker´s opinion

2.3. commissives

2.3.1. commit a speaker to some future action

2.4. directives

2.4.1. to cause the hearer to take a particular action

2.5. expressives

2.5.1. expresses on the speaker's attitudes and emotions towards the proposition

3. kinds of speech acts

3.1. direct speech act

3.1.1. "please close the window"

3.2. indirect speech act

3.2.1. "I´m cold"