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Audience by Mind Map: Audience

1. Location

1.1. Our Thriller is set in a rural area because it’s filmed in awood close to home. Woods are portrayed as dark gloomy places so this is why wechose to film there.

1.2. This aspect of filming in a wood could make the film scarierfor some viewers because most people live near woods so they could be scared itmight happen to them.

2. Ethnicity

2.1. Our thriller isn’t just aimed at one particular ethnicity,because anybody can suffer from mental illness, it doesn’t matter what ethnicbackground you have.

3. Gender

3.1. Deaden Hikes is aimed at both genders because both men andwomen are affected by Mental illness and insecurities. However, because thisfilms produced by an all-girl group, we could maybe target women more, becausewe will know what girls are like and what they look for in films, also,statistics show that women are more likely to suffer with mental illnesses.

4. Uses and Gratification

4.1. The audience will be able to gain a better understandingabout the problems involving mental health that patients face. It will helppeople get more information and knowledge about this topic.

5. Interests

5.1. This thriller will appeal to people who are interested infinding out more about mental health, or people that study it and want to dosome more research on it, but in a different sort of way by watching a film. Also,they will get an insight to what mental health illness is like and maybe theycould connect in a way that they feel the characters motions.

6. Age

6.1. Our target audience for Deaden Hikes is for people aged15-24, this is because the actors are in this age range as they are 17, so theviewers will be able to relate to the characters more, and they could try andput their self into Iyra’s shoes and think what it would be like to have amental illness and how they would deal with it.

6.2. We have made it a 15 because our film contains scenes ofviolence, graphic scenes and some strong language and we don’t feel this wouldbe appropriate for younger viewers.

6.3. We want the viewers to question our film, to make it a morepopular topic and create better awareness for mental illness. We feel like thisgeneration of people we are targeting could really help because they use socialmedia every day in their lives and they are more likely to put on social mediatheir opinions, meaning our film will get better known.