Life Long Learning for Future Well-being

This is a mind map based on the 'Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act (2015)' to encourage people to evaluate their local environment and make plans for community betterment.

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Life Long Learning for Future Well-being by Mind Map: Life Long Learning for Future Well-being

1. This Map is Under Continuous Development as an Educational Enrichment Resource

2. Learning to Skill the Workforce

3. Five Areas of Learning for Serious Leisure

3.1. 1 Global Warming

3.1.1. A Democratic Pedagogy for Climate Action

3.1.2. Cross-curricular Syllabus

3.2. 2 Sustainable Development

3.2.1. Rio Agenda 21

3.2.2. 2030 UN Agenda No Poverty Zero Hunger Good Health and Well-being Quality Education Gender Equality Clean Water and Sanitation Affordable and Clean Energy Decent Work and Economic Growth Industry Innovation and Infrastructure Sustainble Cities and Communities Responsible Consumption and and Production Climate Action Life Below Water Life On Land Peace Justice and Strong Institutions Paernerships for the Goals

3.2.3. 2050: Paris Agreement

3.2.4. Connections

3.2.5. UN Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

3.2.6. Implementation Education Rescue Mission: a Young Person's Version of Agenda 21 to Promote Local Action Agenda 21 Schools and Communities Agenda 21 Network The Welsh Government's Model Well-being of Future Generations Act Wales (2015) Welsh precursors of the Future Generations Act Educational Reform: Place for Humanities Knowledge Islands in Humanistic Learning

3.3. 3 Evolutionary Humanism

3.3.1. Interdisciplinary Understandings

3.3.2. Knowledge Islands in Humanistic Learning

3.3.3. A Wonderment Curriculum

3.4. 4 Conservation Management

3.5. 5 Education for Conservation

4. Smartpur