Life Long Learning for Future Well-being

This is a mind map based on the 'Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act (2015)' to encourage people to evaluate their local environment and make plans for community betterment.

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Life Long Learning for Future Well-being by Mind Map: Life Long Learning for Future Well-being

1. Well-being of Future Generations Act Wales (2015)

1.1. Bare Essentials of the Act: The Wales We Want

1.1.1. What Megan Needs

1.2. The Act Itself

1.2.1. Part 1 1 Overview

1.2.2. Part 2 Improving Well-being Duty on Public Bodies 2 Sustainable Development 3 Well-being Duty 4 Well-being Goals 5 Sustainable Development Principle 6 Meaning of 'Public Body' Well-being Objectives 7 Statements about Well-being Objectives 8 Ministers 9 Other Public Bodies Performance Indicators 10 National Indicators and Well-being Reports 11 Future Trends Reports 12 Reports by Ministers 13 Reports by Other Public Bodies 14 Guidance Audit 15 Auditory General's Examinations Promotion 16 Promotion of Sustainable Development

1.2.3. Part 3 Future Generations Commissioner The Commissioner 17 The Commissioner 18 General duty Functions 19 The Commissioners Functions 20 Reviews 21 Recommendations 22 Duty to follow recommendations 23 Reporting 24 Activity 25 Joint Working Advisory Panel 26 Definition 27 Members 28 Payment

1.2.4. Part 4 Public Service Boards Establishment Participation & Scrutiny 29 Definition 30 Invitations to Participate 31 Duration of Participation 32 Other partners 33 Changes in participatioin 34 Meetings and Terms of Reference 35 Overview by Local Authority Improving Local Well-being 36 Well-being Duty Local Assessments Local Well-being Plans 46 Modifications of Enactments Miscellaneous 47 Merging of Service Boards 48 Collaboration Between Boards 49 Directions to Merge or Collaborate 50 Performance Indicators & Standards 51 Guidance

1.2.5. Part 5 Final Provisions 52 Meaning of 'Public Body' 53 Power to Make Provision 54 Regulation 55 Interpretation 56 Commencement 57 Short Title

1.2.6. Schedules SCHEDULE 1 ANNUAL REPORTS BY OTHER PUBLIC BODIES 1.Public bodies: general 2.Local Health Boards and NHS trusts 3.The Natural Resources Body for Wales SCHEDULE 2 THE FUTURE GENERATIONS COMMISSIONER FOR WALES 1.Status 2.Validity of acts 3.Duration of appointment 4.Terms of appointment 5.Remuneration, allowances and pensions 6.Disqualification 7.End of appointment (other than through disqualification) 8.Powers 9.Staff 10.Delegation 11.Deputy Commissioner 12.Complaints procedure 13.Register of interests The Commissioner must— 15.Conflicts of interest 16.Payments by the Welsh Ministers 17.Annual reports 18.Accounting officer 19.Estimates 20.Accounts 21.Audit 22.Examinations into the use of resources 23.Seal and validity of documents SCHEDULE 3 PUBLIC SERVICES BOARDS: FURTHER PROVISION 1.Quorum 2.First meeting 3.Mandatory meetings 4.Terms of reference 5.Administrative support 6.Sub-groups and delegation 7.Representation at meetings SCHEDULE 4 PUBLIC SERVICES BOARDS: CONSEQUENTIAL AMENDMENTS AND REPEALS

2. Agenda 21

2.1. Rescue Mission: a Young Person's Version of Agenda 21 to Promote Local Action

2.2. Schools and Communities Agenda 21 Network

2.2.1. Place-based Cross-curricular Education Place in Culture: Culture in Place Places as systems of Reality and Belief SCAN Bulbs: Climate Change Network

2.2.2. Local Well-being Plans

2.3. UN Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

2.4. 2030 Agenda

3. Welsh precursors of the Future Generations Act

3.1. One Wales One Planet

4. This Map is Under Continuous Development as an Educational Enrichment Resource

5. Envionment: Planning: and Future Betterment