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Tabletop Cold Fusion (CF) discovered by Mind Map: Tabletop Cold Fusion (CF) discovered
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Tabletop Cold Fusion (CF) discovered

Longer Term

Those are longer term targets that are brought into the realm of the possible by the invention of CF

Economic Growth

Immediate impact (0-10 yrs)

Long term impact 10 yrs +



Oil is not rendered useless, but definitely loses some importance

Palladium becomes a strategic resources

Gives advantage to technologically advanced countries


Invention is in Europe


Palladium and Nickel are the new oil (increase in value, become strategic resources)

Change in expectation in other industries

Current technologies that will benefit of lower energy (mostly electricity) prices, and need long-term investments ?


Decentralization effect : when CF starts to be deployed, the power of the state is less needed, small communities can survive with less help