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Aristotle's Biology by Mind Map: Aristotle's Biology
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Aristotle's Biology

A: reguriements for happiness


Good looking

not a laborer

good friends

A: precise defintion of moral virtue.

Moral virtue is the habbit of acting at the mean between the two extremes of behavior

There are two types of intellectual virtue



Two catogories of virtue



Aristotle on friendship

For human relationships, friendships is necessary to perfect your relationships with others.

Each thing we see is a part of the Teleological ( goal oriented ) system.

Humans goal is to be an excellent person who is virtues.

Aristotle believed that forms lie inside themselves.

EX: the form of the oak tree is isnide of the acron

He applies scientific model to philosophical investigation.

Teleological system

Material cause

How Aristotle differs from Plato and Socrates?

Aristotle is a scientific and practical thinker.

A: says that human have a special intellectual power called reason, which is the ability to comprehend univerals

Our senses differ from other animals

animals differ from having the power of sensation and preception

A:to engage the problem of knowledge, we must begin with our senses.

A: Believes that nature does nothing by chance.

we have been given senses to use them to understand the world.