CVO market research

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CVO market research by Mind Map: CVO market research

1. Target your ideal Audience

1.1. Step 1: Optimize your audience

1.1.1. Who is the ideal buyer for your product/service? Tools to use Towerdata; analyze your mailing list

1.1.2. Where do they hang out? Tools to use Compete; use "Incoming traffic" (your site or your competitors site to find out where the traffic is coming from. Alexa; demographic information. Quantcast; demographic information provider

1.1.3. Who is already selling to them? Tools to use Neustar; customer behaviour

1.1.4. How can you best target them? 96% of people watch TV 91% of people read magazines 82% of people listen to radio 76% of people are internet users 52% of people are smartphone users Tools to use Audience Intersect Facebook Insights Twitter Pinterest promoted pins Adwords

1.1.5. All tools; for reference - learn more Google Analytics Chartbeat Intent HQ Rapportive Followerwonk Gigya Moat Mailchimp Full contact Mingly MineMyMail Riffle Datanyze

2. Scientifically craft the best Offers

2.1. Trending Tools

2.1.1. Spike

2.1.2. BuzzFeed

2.1.3. ClickBank CB Engine (Clickbank market research tool)

2.1.4. Terapeak Ebay and Amazon research

3. Fill profit gaps in your existing Funnel

4. Implement your Return path