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Membership? by Mind Map: Membership?

1. P.O.P Approach

1.1. purpose

1.1.1. Deepen boot camp members' experiences.

1.1.2. To define youth in tech. I want to create a movement that is rooted in youth development with it's foundation based on education, career, tech, youth, community, social/entrepreneurship, professional development, employment, fun Establish a new standard in youth tech culture.

1.1.3. Expand our outreach We can reach younger and more friends of members to connect with HTH. To open the program to more youth 13+

1.1.4. Create a youth development platform Youth-led action Youth-led decisions Youth-led teaching

1.2. outcomes

1.2.1. Outreach/Recruitment: Younger youth attending events = more youth invested early in the process.

1.2.2. Inspiration: Youth are seeing their peers lead and teach

1.2.3. Professional Development: Members grow their skills and knowledge by obtaining membership roles.

1.2.4. All-year membership: > We shift our approach to accommodate the members needs year-around. > Levels of action shift based on the seasons

1.3. process

1.3.1. Re-organize the past members.

1.3.2. Share new vision and have each member sign on to the new HTH Membership.

1.3.3. Hold weekly drop in times

1.3.4. Host monthly event

1.3.5. Meet one-on-one with each member Create Trello board for each student.

2. Audience The people we serve

2.1. Post boot camp members can have a stronger lead within the membership.

2.1.1. Membership Levels Creators create new/modified products and service pitch mind mapping Brand Ambassador recruits youth to HTH for a variety of reasons public speaking networking visual communications (slideshow presentation) Outreach to schools, talks to students Organizer event planning project managment team devo

2.1.2. Define Membership Value Membership cards, ID's Website/Social Media plug Event Recognition

2.2. Non-boot camp students can start to build with our community and it can be a great way to recruit more youth.

2.2.1. Attend Events open house weekend workshop talk/discussion

3. Process What we do

3.1. Case Management

3.1.1. 3 SMART Goals Educational Support Communication development College track job readiness online/independent training financial literacy General Assembly Income growth paid internship job placement social entrepreneurship pop up opp$ freelance Personal Development Transportation Options Nutrition/Physical Mental Health

3.1.2. Trello Approach Create board per member Form of communication Project management development Team work: GTD! collaboratively with staff and members.

3.2. Youth Leadership

3.2.1. Trello Community Board events, internships, jobs, resources, training, opps

3.3. Events/Actions

3.3.1. Host Events Host monthly event. Talk, brainstorm, activity, fun stuff Collaborate and build with other youth serving orgs. workshop trainings discussions & talks scavenger hunts Host a semester event Hackathons Collaborative events with other orgs conferernce field trip volunteer event

3.3.2. Weekly events professional devo resumes, job preparedness, Linkedin Networking personal brand budgeting freelancing business trips/conferences Tech/Life Training app, software development digi lifestyles Community building NVC training Emotional Intelligence training mindfulness training Social gathering Fun learning activities game night

3.4. Social Media

3.4.1. Post to platforms

3.4.2. Blog write articles Engage in comment discussions,

3.4.3. Capture content

3.4.4. Lead social media actions

3.4.5. Share blog posts

3.5. Action Reward Program

3.5.1. based on time served

4. Capacity

4.1. Staffing

4.1.1. Isaias

4.1.2. Max

4.1.3. Dainelle

4.1.4. Lyn

4.1.5. Community Manager

4.2. HTH Office Space

4.2.1. Define Youth Policy

4.2.2. Create Membership HUB

4.3. Drop-in hours

4.3.1. Member Protocol

4.3.2. Staffing TBD

4.3.3. Schedule TBD