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BLT 10.12.2010 by Mind Map: BLT 10.12.2010
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BLT 10.12.2010

Laptop Distribution

Request and Joanna's Suggestions:

BLT approved Joanna's suggestions

The extra computers will be distributed on reading and math needs. Joanna can distribute computers based on need per grade level.

Open Agenda

Math IXL is in process. Waiting for an "official price quote" then will give to PTA for purchase.

Math Whizz: 122 seats available. 2nd through 6, grade will have access to Math Whizz. Math Whizz will be distributed based on highest need. EasyCBM, MSP, and math fact fluency. Because of readability, it may be better to have students in K-1 use Math IXL only. Math Whizz will be available next week. Sarah will be providing more information.