Boarding school

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Boarding school by Mind Map: Boarding school

1. What boarding school is like

1.1. When i was young i started to go to boarding school. and i staid at boarding school until i finished my middle school. Let me tell you about what boarding school is like in China. Boarding school in China the time table were different than other school, students always start class at morning 7:30 and end class at 8:30 pm. At here you may wants to ask why they end class at 8:30 pm, because they had homework every for every subject and they have to spend time to finish it then after 6 pm when they finished their dinner they can back to classroom and do their homework. Sometimes the teacher will use this time to teach the students. Then after 8:30 pm the students will back to their dormitory.

1.2. Time table.

1.3. Stay all week and go home on weekend.

1.4. kids clean their bedroom everyday and clan classroom after the last lesson. ( in China every boarding school will do it).

2. Teaching style

2.1. The teacher teach students very serious.

2.2. The teacher will work very late every day.

2.3. The teacher teach lesson very quickly.

2.4. The teacher teach students very serious when i was in Boarding school, in the class time the teacher will keep ask students "did you understand it or not" if have many students did not understand the teacher will teach the them again if just some of the students did not get it the teacher will teach them after class. Every day the teacher will work very late because they have to check the students work and write something kind of the diary of teaching write about the class and how many students did not understand and how could the teacher made their students understand the class and every teacher have to write it every day. So the teacher of Boarding school was very busy.

3. Topic sentence 2: In Chinese boarding school the teachers are strict.

4. Topic sentence 3: In China boarding schools's time table were different than other school.

5. Why parents send kids to boarding school .

5.1. Can make kids learn how to talk care of themselves.

5.2. Can make them learn how to make friends by themselves.

5.3. Can make them learn how to solve some problem by themselves.

5.4. My mother send me to Boarding school because the advertising of boarding school and some other parents send their kids to boarding and told my mother like how perfect about boarding school that their kids learning many thing from boarding school. This is true because before i went to boarding school i had never make my bad and never leave my mother for that long time. l learn many things form boarding school when i was 7 i stared make my bad and wash my cloth help my mother clean the room.

6. Topic sentence 1: In China a lot of parents choose to send their children to boarding school because they think boarding school will make their children independent.