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Elevator Pitch by Mind Map: Elevator Pitch

1. Think about what you want to tell, and when

1.1. helps with the euh..-ing

2. 1 minute story to convince someone to believe in your idea

3. Why a minute

3.1. Get someone to listen

3.2. arouse curiosity for follow up

4. participants

4.1. Pitch 1

4.1.1. Elderly care

4.1.2. Listen to people

4.1.3. People don't want to listen to elderly

4.2. Pitch 2

4.2.1. Irene Alders

4.2.2. Did you ever visit a dr. and walk out with a recipe you didn't really want to have?

4.2.3. Adding own experience

4.2.4. Tinkerbell patientencoaches Patient empowerment Make sure that a patient makes his/her points during a consultation with a physician, without leaving something important behind

4.2.5. Empowerment Supports patients to know what they want Empower the patient

4.2.6. Feedback

4.3. pitch 3

4.3.1. GGZ it's about the patient application text messages on medication moments interest in situation

4.3.2. feedback + imagery, getting a visual passion good performance Clear story - Quick tallking build up took some time Why are you telling me this?

4.4. pitch 4

5. How - Brainstorm

5.1. A structure

5.2. Emotion

5.2.1. How to "touch" someone

5.3. Why

5.4. What

5.5. Getting the attention

5.5.1. Take a position step out of your comfortzone

5.5.2. Ask a question get the attention make them think It gives you a few seconds time

5.5.3. Who are you?

5.5.4. An appealing example

6. Elevator Pitch

6.1. Content

6.1.1. your story

6.1.2. you can only convince someone if you know exactly what you are talking about

6.1.3. When is your idea interesting to someone else A solution An Advantage "The experience" (beleving) Be Authentic When there's a common interest

6.2. Shape

6.2.1. experience

6.2.2. Passion

6.2.3. Enthousiasm makes enthousiast

6.2.4. To convince Make somebody wish to be convinced Appeal to universal values to make somebody believe

6.3. Framework

6.3.1. about 10 sec per subject

6.3.2. Start-up question/statement

6.3.3. who are you?

6.3.4. What's your idea?

6.3.5. Why your idea?

6.3.6. Example

6.3.7. Advantage to the listeners

6.4. Structure

6.4.1. Introduction

6.4.2. Middle

6.4.3. End