Articles a/an

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Articles a/an by Mind Map: Articles a/an

1. Articles: According to the Oxford Dictionaries it is a determiner that introduces a noun phrase. a|an are considered indefinite articles and they are used to introduce new concepts into a discourse.

2. Use "a", "and" Only with singular nouns

3. Examples : "a" It´s a pencil

4. Example: "an": an elephant

5. Video example

6. Use “an” with words that start with a vowel sound

7. Differences : If the indefinite article 'a' Becomes 'an ' if the following noun Begins with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u)

8. Remember the use of articles a or an: We use a or an before countable nouns in the singular

9. a: A + Consonant. Examples It is a Bus, a mother, a father, a hotel.

10. An + vowel (a,o,i,u,e) examples: I see an ice cream, an orange, an arm an

11. Video

12. by: Yanci de Sánchez