What sort of qualities make a successful explorer?

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What sort of qualities make a successful explorer? by Mind Map: What sort of qualities make a successful explorer?

1. MR: They would need to be brave and skilled and clever ready for the dangers a head. They need to learn diffrernt

2. promises trust worthy skilled Felicity

3. explore new lands/countries. be adventurous. be brave and feel secure. be great (land). be able to navigate

4. Mr Sk: start typing

5. Aidan:

6. DM: Brave,strong,smart. Good sailor,

7. MW: know where thay are. Know where thay are going.

8. KK: To be brave and adventurous. To return safely and without a diesease

8.1. they would need to be an intelligent person in the sense of direction they also can't be fussy about food and if they got travel sick well they cannot be an explorer

8.1.1. brave, gutsy and adventures

8.1.2. BR: he needs to be strong creatures brave he needs to be a good explara a good capten

9. KM strong courages and brave and adventure full

10. EW:

11. AD:

12. NR: They would be brave, adventurous

13. ZV:brave and intelligent

14. AC: brave, know all sorts of languages, have skilled, know how to read and trust worthy,

15. Asking a lot of qutions that you might want to find out about Emily

16. CB: be strong adventurous skilled brave clever know different languages

17. and being brave

18. LA: Skilled

19. BP: Good compass, they want to explore and find more.

20. R.F they would have to be very brave and adventurous to face the challenges ahead of them Ryan

20.1. JB: adventurous and brave