The Schools of Literary Criticism

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The Schools of Literary Criticism by Mind Map: The Schools of Literary Criticism

1. Authorial Criticism

1.1. Considers the relevance of the authors personal life on his/her work.

1.1.1. Q: What happened in Arthur Millers life that inspired the Crucible?

2. Historical Criticism

2.1. Considers the time in which the work is written and set.

2.1.1. Q: How did the events of WWII influence Lord of the Flies?

3. Reader Response Criticism

3.1. Assumes that every reader is different therefore approaches a text differently.

3.1.1. Q: Who is the most likable/empathetic Disney character?

4. Deconstructive Criticism

4.1. Opposite.

4.1.1. Q: How is there no such thing as a hero in the Lion King?

5. Psychoanalytical Criticism

5.1. Considers how characters are motivated (sometimes subconsciously).

5.1.1. Q: Why does the Joker kill?

6. Feminist/Gender Criticism

6.1. Considers the gender roles in a work.

6.1.1. Q: How would Spongebob act differently if he were a girl

7. Marxist Criticism

7.1. Consider the role of money or social status plays in a work.

7.1.1. Q: What if Katniss were as wealthy as President Snow?

8. Cultural Criticism

8.1. Considers the importance of race/ethnicity on the story.

8.1.1. Q: What is Tituba was white?

9. Structural Criticism

9.1. Assumes that structures are always in place in literature.

9.1.1. Q: Who is the protagonist of Forrest Gump?