Psychology- Social Psychology

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Psychology- Social Psychology by Mind Map: Psychology- Social Psychology

1. Conformity

1.1. Types of Conformity

1.1.1. Compliance Normative Social Influence EXP- ASCH Informational Social Influence EXP- SHERIF

1.1.2. Identification

1.1.3. Internalisation Minority Influence EXP- CLARK EXP- CLARK 2 EXP- MOSCOVICI

1.2. Factors Affecting Conformity

1.2.1. Size of Majority EXP- ASCH FOLLOW UP

1.2.2. Social Support EXP- ASCH FOLLOW UP

1.2.3. Task Ambiguity EXP- ASCH FOLLOW UP

1.2.4. Privacy EXP- DEUTSCH and GERARD

1.2.5. Social Roles EXP- PERRIN and SPENCER

2. Obedience

2.1. Milgram and Obedience

2.1.1. States of Obedience Agentic Autonomous

2.1.2. Stanley Milgram Steps of Obedience Request from Legitimate Authority Small Steps Socialised to Obey Prods from Authority Figure Agentic Shift and Shift of Responsibility Mindlessly Obeying Buffered from Consequences EXP- MILGRAM'S STUDY Results

2.1.3. Factors Affecting Obedience Prestige of Location Diffusion of Responsibility Social Contract Buffers Consequences Proximity

2.1.4. The Ethics of Milgram's Study Deception For Milgram Against Milgram Informed Consent For Milgram Against Milgram Protection from Harm For Milgram Against Milgram Right to Withdraw For Milgram Against Milgram Debriefing For Milgram Against Milgram

2.2. Dispositional Factors

2.2.1. Locus of Control Internal Locus of Control- ILOC External Locus of Control- ELOC Avtgis

3. Social Influence

3.1. Social Change

3.1.1. Factors Affecting Minority Influence Consistency Commitment Flexibility

3.1.2. The Snowball Effect

3.1.3. Social Cryptoamnesia

3.1.4. Real Life Examples Social Change and Race- 50s/60s USA Social Change and Gender- Early 1900s England