The indefiniti articles

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The indefiniti articles by Mind Map: The indefiniti articles

1. The indefinite article is used to refer to something undefined or not specific:

1.1. I see a dog | I have a pencil

2. Important rule: What matters is whether the first letter as a vowel sound or not or if it begins with vowel. For example , the word " university" it begins with a vowel but the "u " sounds [ yuniversiti ] , that is, as a consonant , for it is said : "a university" and not " . An university" So it is with "European” [yuroupián], "a European” (a European) states. In cases of "hotel" and " historic " you can alternatively put "a" if you pronounce "h " as breathing on glass (most common option ) or "an" if " h " is not pronounced.

2.1. main rules

2.1.1. The indefinite article is used before words beginning with a consonant or consonant sound; an indefinite article is used before words beginning with a vowel or vowel sound examples:A car, a house, a book, a desk, a computer. An envelope, an apple, an onion, an island, an umbrella.

2.2. All things or things in general: Use no article with plural count nouns or any noncount nouns used to mean all or in general. Trees are beautiful in the fall. (All trees are beautiful in the fall.) He was asking for advice. (He was asking for advice in general.) I do not like coffee. (I do not like all coffee in general.)

3. A and an always used in singular. When we refer to unspecified plural nouns, we change to and from an indeterminate quantifiers. The most used they are: some, any and few: Some students eat late. Any do the homework? Take a few pens of my desk.

4. The largest part of nouns and adjectives beginning with unit also take the indefinite article. uni- a unicorn

5. The indefinite articles are male (one, one) or female (one each).


5.1.1. A man a women

5.1.2. An men an women

5.1.3. a car

6. It is also unnecessary to use an indefinite article if there is an adjective in front of a plural noun. When he is in public, he does an embarrassing things.

7. They are both articles that are used for singular nouns. ‘An’ is used for nouns that begin with a vowel (A, E, I, O, U) or have a vowel sound: Example:

7.1. An orange

7.1.1. An camera

8. ‘A’ is used for nouns beginning with a consonant or a consonant sound. Example:

8.1. a book

8.2. a boy

9. The indefiniti articles

9.1. AN

9.2. A