Causes of World War II

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Causes of World War II by Mind Map: Causes of World War II

1. Treaty of Versailles

1.1. The Treaty of Versailles required Germany to: Take blame for WWI, Pay Reparations to all participating countries, Disarm most of their military and to give land back to other countries

2. Hitler and The Nazi Party

2.1. Hitler began to secretly build an army. He increased the army and built an Air force and built warships. He invaded the Rhineland in 1938. Great Britain and France new of his actions, but did nothing to stop him. They were afraid of causing another war.

3. Appeasement

3.1. Trying to keep the peace and not start another war, Britain and France participated in the policy of appeasement. Great Britain, France and Italy signed the Munich agreement that gave Germany back Sudetenland. They gave into Hitlers demands, which just gave him time to build up his army.

4. Great Depression

4.1. The Great Depression made a huge impact on not only the United States, but the entire world. This caused a great deal of governments to become unstable.

4.1.1. Destinations