HiCap MP/RC meeting

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HiCap MP/RC meeting by Mind Map: HiCap MP/RC meeting

1. Purpose to decide on PLCs. How will they work?

1.1. Have money to focus on PLC. Initially work on 2 hours a month

1.2. Likes to bring HiCap together to work together for PLC

1.3. Question do we want it? What does it look like?

1.3.1. Yes

1.3.2. Full Group PLCs

2. Math enrichment

2.1. Sue has stated need to stay in the class. Don't move up because then are obligated to continue services. Think FAPE. Free and Appropriate Public Education

3. One idea is alignment through the years. Wanting it

3.1. Curriculum mapping/ program continuity, vision and continuity and vision and vertical flow up through the years. Also science and social studies.

3.2. Need opportunity to meet as two teams.

3.3. Is this in place of District meetings?

3.3.1. Perhaps HiCap PLCs will make district meetings a little more nuts and boltsish

4. Meeting format

4.1. 4 4hr meetings

4.2. 6 half day meetings

4.3. Decision is 4 sub half days, 2 paid 2 hour meetings after school meetings

4.4. 4 sub half days and 3 paid 2 hour meetings

5. Next steps

5.1. Meet as a group on a half day. Develop a next steps plan, and focus.

5.2. Date 11/16

5.2.1. 12 to 4 at Ridgecrest

5.3. Cinco will ask for Budget Codes and Pay for tonight