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Elysa Hogg by Mind Map: Elysa Hogg
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Elysa Hogg

Elysa experiences education first hand as an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia in the Political Science department. She believes that the most important part of any educational experience is the way in which you apply your academic knowledge outside of the classroom. Most recently, Elysa did this by participating in the Wilton Park Atlantic Youth Forum in London, England as part of the Canadian Delegation. She is currently working for the Terry Project, an initiative that encourages interdisciplinary learning and advocacy of global issues. Through Terry she has worked to bring both K’Naan and Dambisa Moyo to the Chan Centre at UBC.  

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Terry Project

I'm an undergrad student

Captains of education

What did school teach me?

Critical thinking? No!

In my field you have to go outside the classrom

In the real world it's addictive

Why are we changing our expectation but keeping the status quo?

My question to you?

What can we do to create a learning environment that reward students for creativity and critical thinking instead of grades on standardized tests?