The Amazon Rainforest

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The Amazon Rainforest by Mind Map: The Amazon Rainforest

1. The Settlers

1.1. Settlers want to use the rainforest land to farm so they can feed their family

1.1.1. If the settlers farm incorrectly they will mess up the land, which will mess up the forest, which causes problems for the environmentalists.

1.1.2. The settlers will be taking up large plots of land and taking the trees with them which will cause problems for the loggers and rubber tappers.

1.1.3. The settlers will be taking up space and messing up the native amazonians homeland

1.1.4. The settlers will be using the land that the cattle ranchers would be using to ranch

2. The Loggers

2.1. The Loggers want to cut down the trees to get brazillian hardwood

2.1.1. If the loggers start cutting down trees, the cattle ranchers won't have as much space to raise the cattle

2.1.2. If the loggers start clearing out the forest, the native amazonians will be stripped of their homeland

2.1.3. If the logger cut down the trees, the settlers won't have as much land to settle on

2.1.4. If the logger start cutting down trees, the rubber tappers won't have as much to harvest

2.1.5. If the loggers cut down the trees, the environmentalists will freak out because trees

3. The Rubber Tappers

3.1. The Rubber Tappers want to harvest the rubber sap from the trees

3.1.1. The rubber tappers would be invading the homes of the native amazonians

3.1.2. The rubber tappers would be harming the forest which the environmentalists would dislike

4. The Native Amazonians

4.1. The Native Amazonians want to live their life normally and not have outsiders in their buiness

4.1.1. The Native Amazonians live in this place and all these people are invading

5. The Cattle Ranchers

5.1. The Cattle Ranchers want to farm in the forest using the grass for the cows to graze

5.1.1. The cattle ranchers would be invading the Native Amazonians homeland

5.1.2. The cattle ranchers would be in the forest touching animals and cutting down trees so the environmentalists.

5.1.3. The cattle ranchers would be cutting down trees which the loggers need

6. The Environmentalists

6.1. Environmentalists want everyone to leave the forest alone and preserve it

6.1.1. The environmentalists don't want anyone in the forest at all which causes problems for everyone.