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Speed reading by Mind Map: Speed reading
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Speed reading


BTR (Basic Training for Readers)

Effect, Broaden the eyesight, Increase amount of possible information, Extend the focus area, More input as knowledge, lead to more output, Speed up, Get used to the routine, Repeat the same thing again and again

Practical use in daily life, Conscious to the edge of the eyesight, during brushing teeth, eyesight training, Soccer, Find the best open space, Observation of people, Learn from other people, on a bicycle or in a car, Find possible dangers, Multitasks, Separation of physical and mental activity, wash up & listening to language, exercise & news, Music & cooking

Heavier burden, Need focus, Strict to yourself

Photo Reading

Re-read books you read already, to read more than 1 book at the same time

Know your unconciousness, have moment of on / off

Trust your brain, quantity than quality, mentality of "I don't care if this doesn't work out"

3 steps, Photo Focus, Review, Set up of Q&A (difficult!), depends on daily problem consiousness, Interest, Curiosity, Area you contact, Speed reading, + autosuggestion before and after photo reading

What kinds of books, Dictionary, Japanese, English, Spanish, Writing rules, Rule of publishers, ASAHI, KYODO TSUSHIN, Medical, Anatomy, Bionomy, Pathology, Environment, Ecology

Balance of right / left brain

Build-up environment

Have interest to the author

Research before reading, Personality, Family, Life, Opinion

Research before reading (photo-reading again after this), Visit location in the book, Books of similar topic, Other books of the same author, Check bibliography


Outside (do something when people don't do anything), Crowd, Library, Cafe, Food court

5 senses (Comfort, Relax, Concentration)

Temperature (feel), keep warm, Keep cool

Color (eye), Mind map, Use own pocketbook, Note your own idea, Picuture

Smell, Conditionality, Concentraton, Mint, Soap, Cent

Sound (ear), Genre, Jazz, Classic, Flamenco, Volume, Accoustic system

Why speed reading?

Find your own professional area

Science, Living organism, Human, Medical, Animals, Biology, Human and animals, Ecology, Eco living, Earth as a unit

Education, How to prove my existence, Memory, Influence on next generations, To the Future, Human network, Transmit what I have to people who don't have

Niche, No.1

200 books per topic

Syntopic reading, Do NOT touch omnibus, Be more specific to the type of information, New interest in the same topic


Output, Discover wisdom, Your own value / brand, Translation, Use in daily life, Share with other people, Family, Friends, Collegue, Clients, Shape of happiness, Confidence, Human network, Lead to new interest, Find new questions, Higher quality, Speed up, Increase axis, Cooking, Health, Volunteer, Outside activity, Music, Sing, Instruments, Guitar, Piano, Sax, Drums, Composing, Pocket recorder, Music software, Note lyrics, Dance, Deepen the knowledge, Health