Scenario 6 Natalia Cruz, Denise Herrera, Laura Garcia

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Scenario 6 Natalia Cruz, Denise Herrera, Laura Garcia by Mind Map: Scenario 6 Natalia Cruz, Denise Herrera, Laura Garcia

1. Option 3: Heather's friend's mom gets involved.


1.1.1. The mother contacts the police about Heather's concerns.

1.1.2. The mother gives Heather a lesson about internet safety and the dangers of it and such.

1.1.3. Her friend's mom contacts Heather's parents and tells them about the situation.


1.2.1. The mother believes Heather is over-exaggerating and sends her back home.

1.2.2. The mother doesn't believe Heather and thinks she's just faking it to get attention.

1.2.3. The mother prohibits Heather from hanging out with her daughter in fear that she will put her daughter in danger.

2. Option 1: The principal gets involved.


2.1.1. Heather is appointed a sort of "bodyguard" who is with her throughout the day and makes sure she returns home safely each day.

2.1.2. The principal holds an assembly about bullying and how bullying is wrong.

2.1.3. The principal investigates the situation and finds out a student is the one behind it and he is punished.


2.2.1. The principal gives the generic "kids will be kids" speech and nothing is done.

2.2.2. The principal is no help and doesn't address the situation, and Heather becomes a bully herself.

2.2.3. The principal says that the situation is out of her control because she isn't responsible for anything having to do outside of the school.

3. Heather is a fourth grader who is extremely proficient at using the internet. On Monday, she receives an e-mail from someone named "[email protected]." The subject and body of the e-mail state: "I'm watching you. Be afraid." Heather immediately deletes it and thinks nothing of it. On Tuesday, she receives another e-mail from [email protected], and this time, the subject and body of the e-mail state: "I am getting closer, and I see you on the computer right now as you read this." Heather starts to get worried but doesn't want to tell her parents because she is concerned they will take away her internet privileges. On Wednesday, she awakens to a new e-mail from [email protected] that states: "Be very afraid. Today may be your last." Definitely frightened and concerned now, she makes up her mind to tell her parents about the e-mails when she returns from school that day. She is unable to concentrate in any of her classes because of intense fear as to what the e-mail meant when it said: "Today may be your last." She rushes home after school, bent on bringing it up to her mom and dad as soon as she sees them. To her dismay, she finds a note on the table stating that her mom went grocery shopping and that her dad will be home late. Her palms begin to sweat and her heart begins to race. She goes to her bedroom, throws her backpack on her bed, and checks her e-mail. Twenty-five new e-mails pop up. Each one is from the same sender: [email protected]. They all say the same thing: "I am in your house. I am on a wireless internet connection. You don't know where I am, but I know where you are!" Heather grabs her house key, rushes out of the front door, locks it, runs to her friend's house, and tell her friend's mom about her situation.

4. Option 4: Heather's Parents get involved.


4.1.1. Heather's parents set up parental controls on Heather's computer and make her a new email that they can supervise. They also report the emails and such to the police.

4.1.2. They file a complaint at Heather's school and her school holds an assembly to speak about the dangers of the internet.

4.1.3. They find out it was a kid from school bullying her and the kid is suspended and reprimanded for his actions.


4.2.1. The parents are the ones behind it, trying to teach Heather a lesson about internet safety.

4.2.2. They grow really concerned and move to a new area.

4.2.3. Heather's parents don't take the situation seriously and just brush it off.

5. Option 2: The police get involved.


5.1.1. Heather's family is moved into witness protection due to the severity of the threat and the fact that Heather's life was threatened.

5.1.2. They find the man responsible for the bullying/harassment and the police arrest him. Heather's family is then given police supervision to watch over them for a few months for any threats.

5.1.3. They are able to find the one behind this and take him into custody and arrest him. Heather and her parents decide to put a restraining order.


5.2.1. The police are unconcerned about the situation and say that it isn't a big deal.

5.2.2. They trace the IP address from the sender and get led to a dead end.

5.2.3. The police promise to do something, however when later questioned they have ignored the situation.


6.1. We as a group decided to go with option two - getting the police involved. With this scenario the police are able to fully help Heather and her family and find the one responsible for the harassment. We feel that this solution is the best and will help resolve the situation.