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Copy of THEN by Mind Map: Copy of THEN

1. World

1.1. Economy

1.1.1. Robots

1.1.2. Resources

1.2. Politics

1.2.1. Core Values Protect Life Healthcare No Killing Alternatives Protect Hope Security Borders Protect Freedom

1.2.2. Groups

1.2.3. Ads

1.3. People

1.3.1. Upgrades Mental Upgrades Telekinesis Telepathy Neutropics Vision Upgrades (Augmented Reality) XRay vision Night Vision Super zoom Hearing Cam

1.3.2. Health Longevity Blood Changing

1.3.3. Education

1.3.4. Work

1.3.5. Clothing Fashion PJs are in Cowl necks are in Comfort is in Wearable tech Cowlech is a scarf like collar Healthdar is a Bandaid shaped monitor for high resolution health monitoring. Smart Thread

1.3.6. Communication Real time Text to speech, speech to text and text to text language translation with in ear device. New Logical Language Earlid Mute Translation Singing Wetware Telepathy Wordex

1.4. Environment

1.4.1. Animal Kingdom Zoos You no longer travel to a zoo to watch wild life, you simply mention you want see some giraffes and walk out to the curb and u will end up at your new home in the middle of giraffe territory. the enclosed city's borders serve as an observation deck These double as animal hospitals and rehabilitation centers These are filled with robot animals to study they're actions in controlled, varied, environments.

1.4.2. Weather Atmosphere Cooling Enclosed Air Conditioned City's Weather prediction improved by quantum computers

2. Robots

2.1. Mind

2.1.1. Category Droid Awake Risk? Rights?

2.2. Body

2.2.1. Hovering Camera

2.2.2. Programmable Clay

2.2.3. Carriage

2.2.4. Specialized Mechs

2.2.5. Soft or Organic

2.2.6. Holographic

2.3. Jobs

2.3.1. Maintenance

2.3.2. Pet

2.3.3. Resource Food

2.3.4. Health

2.3.5. Police

2.3.6. Emergency

2.3.7. Whisper

2.3.8. Memo

2.3.9. Nanny Butterfly

2.3.10. Handle

2.3.11. Probe

2.3.12. Builder

2.3.13. Carry Delivery Restock 3D Printers Travel Your Pet AI can drive any car

3. Making

3.1. OverEngineering Principles

3.2. 3D Printing

3.2.1. Methods Mixing Additive Layering Weaving

3.2.2. Items Food Nutrition Medication Asthetics Clothes Instruments Body Parts Vehicles Buildings

3.2.3. Materials Fungus Plastic Stem Cells Glass Metal Fabric Wood Edibles Fabric

3.2.4. Loading Stack of trays with beads of material The sonic tractor beam sorts through the beads to send the right bit to the printer arms. The arm could have a tractor beam attachment as the hand to carry the particle to the object A laser attachment melts the bead in place. A rubber suction forming grip attachment secures hold of the object being printed

3.3. Abundant Resources

3.3.1. Energy Absorbtion Dyson Swarms Trash Storage Transmission

3.3.2. Food Fruit/Vegitables Meat Cells Imitation

3.3.3. Material Recycling Mining

4. Computers

4.1. Operating System

4.1.1. CoOS

4.2. Displays

4.2.1. Plasma Holograms

4.2.2. Laser Retina Projectors

4.2.3. Texture Feedback

4.2.4. Screenless Screens

4.3. Input

4.3.1. Controls Eye tracking Pressure sensitive touch EEG thought driven Face Tracking Item Recognition Indirect Heart beat monitoring Sound Imagery deconvolution Anti blur

4.3.2. Light Cameras Lens Resolution Focus Frame rate Lydar Laser Matrix Ultrasonic Electrostatic Infrared Air Capacitance Millimeter Waves Phased Ararays Stacked Sensors Lensless Camera Molecular spectrometer

4.3.3. Motion Gyroscope Accelerometer

4.4. Storage

4.4.1. DNA drive

4.4.2. Drives so fast we no longer need RAM

4.5. Network

4.5.1. Vortex Wifi Speed 320GB per second No interference

4.5.2. Over Horizon PCell

4.5.3. DIDO Wifi Management

4.5.4. Wifi Balloons worldwide coverage

4.5.5. Node Meshing Internet no need for modems your device is a modem

4.5.6. Seamless Interaction/File compatibility cross platform

4.5.7. Shared Processing

4.6. Security

4.6.1. With quantum computers Passwords become Obsolete

4.6.2. Instead you are paired with an AI that recognizes you like you would your mother knowing your not an imposter or being coerced the same way you know this of your mother by watching your Face and gate/gestures

4.7. Files

4.7.1. Vector based video format

4.7.2. Point cloud data

5. Exploration

5.1. Space

5.1.1. Colonization

5.1.2. Mining

5.2. Home

5.2.1. Moving

5.2.2. Modular space

5.2.3. All in one space

5.3. Vehicles

5.3.1. Features Projectors This allows for perfect vision in the rain This allows communication with pedestrians Self Driving Flight Hover Roll Arms

5.4. Digital Universe

5.4.1. Story Telling

5.4.2. Research

5.4.3. Entertainment

5.4.4. Expression