Roadmap to the software

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Roadmap to the software by Mind Map: Roadmap to the software

1. Top Navigation

1.1. Settings

1.1.1. Merchant Profile Profile Profile Information Languages Currencies Notifications Other Bank and Payout Fill out your bank information for Trekksoft Payouts to you 3 payout options Trekksoft Terms of service Accept the Terms of Service in order to get your store activated Account Store Subscription Billing Invoice Credits

1.1.2. Users and Employees Here you can manage your guest, customers and users Guest Customer Users

1.1.3. Checkout, Taxes and Fees Booking Settings Checkout Multipackage DIscounts Default Cut-off time Payment References Email Remainders Pre-trip email reminders Post-trip Email reminders Taxes & Fees

1.1.4. Payment Gateways Enable payment gateways to accept customer credit cards and PayPal payments during checkout. Trekksoft Gateway 3rd party Gateway

1.1.5. Domain and CNAME Setup your custom domain, CNAME forward and set the default domain. Map Subdomain to your TrekkSoft Account

1.1.6. Account & Subscription Account Store Subscription Billing Invoice Credits

1.2. Design and Pages

1.2.1. Content Management System (CMS) Manage and edit your CMS pages

1.2.2. Files

1.2.3. Themes Choose your Logo, Website-Colors, and Font Manage and save your theme settings Page Settings Colors Fonts Logos & Images Footer Switch Theme Choose your Website Theme HTML CSS editor

1.2.4. Templates Page Texts Terms and Conditions Emails Trip order finished Shop order finished User Registration (Bookee) User Forgot Password Pre-Trip Reminder Post-Trip Reminder Pre-Trip Resources Reminder PDF receipt email Basket Summary Receipt Email Express Login Email Reservation Email Tickets Terms Of Service Guest Ticket (Trips) Guest Ticket (Attraction) Guest Ticket (Rentals) Guest Ticket (Vouchers) Single Item Addon Guest-bound Addon Shop Item Shop Item (Gift Certificate) PdfTemplateBasketReceipt

1.3. Apps

1.3.1. Google Google Analytics Use Google Analytics to monitor your users. Google Adwords Use Google Adwords to track the conversion of your users. Google +

1.3.2. Facebook Use Facebook Connect to allow your users to login using their Facebook account. Enable social plugins (Like button, user reviews, etc.)

1.3.3. Twitter Specify your Twitter profile.

1.3.4. Skyscanner Show available flights for destinations near your activities.

1.3.5. Trip Advisor Specify your Trip Advisor profile.

1.3.6. SEO Retain your SEO rankings by defining URL redirects that map web pages from your previous site to their corresponding pages on your TrekkSoft site.

1.3.7. Live Chat Choose from among the top live chat providers to easily interact with your customers in real time.

1.3.8. Optimizely Create and track experiments and goals with optimizely.

1.4. Invite your friends

1.4.1. Invite your friends to use TrekkSoft and earn free months

1.4.2. Customize referral page

1.4.3. Banner

2. Side Navigation

2.1. Bookings

2.1.1. Bookings Overview View and Manage your bookings

2.1.2. Users View and Manage your users

2.1.3. Inquires View all inquires that are still open

2.1.4. Refunds View and Manage your refunds

2.1.5. Bills VIew and Manage your unpaid bills

2.1.6. Guest and Customers View and manage your guest, customers Guest Customer

2.2. Schedule and Manifests

2.2.1. Schedule Calendar Manage Schedule Calendar and Capacities Calendar Sync Show filters for list

2.2.2. Manifests and Trip Lists Manage Schedule and Capacities Calendar Sync Edit Calendar

2.3. Inventory

2.3.1. Activities Manage and edit your activities Activities Overview Archived Activities Export Translations

2.3.2. Add Ons Manage the add-ons for your activities

2.3.3. Shop Items manage the shop inventory Shop Categories add Shop item

2.3.4. Resources Resource List Calendar View Manage the resources that are used for your activities add resource export resources import resources

2.4. Promotion

2.4.1. Agents and Resellers Manage your agents, their permissions & commissions as well as the allocated users

2.4.2. Discount and Vouchers Manage your discount and voucher codes

2.5. Channel Manager

2.5.1. Partner networks Activities you are sharing Activities shared with you Network Administration TrekkConnect

2.5.2. Marketplaces Marketplaces Trekkmarket

2.5.3. API & Connections Overview Your API connection to 3rd party distributors or external applications VIator Veltra

2.6. Reporting

2.6.1. Turnover

2.6.2. Cash Flow

2.6.3. Vouchers

2.6.4. Accounting

2.6.5. Inventory

2.7. Reports

2.7.1. Sales

2.7.2. Turnover

2.7.3. Cash Flow

2.7.4. Agents

2.7.5. Partners