Water Chevrotain Hyemoschus aquaticus

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Water Chevrotain Hyemoschus aquaticus by Mind Map: Water Chevrotain Hyemoschus aquaticus

1. habitat; Terrestrial, Freshwater

1.1. coastal West Africa and the rainforests of central Africa

1.2. stay near to water

1.3. closed-canopy, moist tropical lowland forest

2. threats*

2.1. bushmeat hunting

2.2. habitat loss

2.3. predators

2.3.1. eagles

3. apearence

3.1. thin legs that support a rounded body

3.2. mouse like head, and male has tusks

3.3. colouration

3.3.1. the water chevrotain is mainly brown, with a white chest and white spots and lines this helps camoflauge into the forests.

4. WATER deer

4.1. good swimmer and can dive underwater

4.2. It's nostrils are slits and it can squeeze out water

4.3. retreats to water when threatened*

5. moving

5.1. the water chevrotain moves by 'jumping' at points, or slowly grazing. see video for further examples.

6. getting and using food

6.1. "This species is primarily herbivorous, feeding on the leaves, fruits, and buds of trees and shrubs. It has occasionally been observed eating insects, crustaceans and even small mammals. Like many herbivores, the water chevrotain has various adaptations to facilitate effective digestion of its low-nutrient diet."

7. reacting to the enviroment

8. stay warm or cool

8.1. other than jumping into the water, to stay cool, or fur to stay warm... the facts are unknown

9. sensing the enviroment

9.1. well... I know not much in this category, but i will asume that they have very good smell. and being in the water, they might sense a change in current or rise in river, for possible rainfall storm.

10. find shelter or protection

10.1. "The water chevrotain is nocturnal and mainly solitary. Males' territories overlap those of females, but the males are rarely aggressive toward each other. While they do occasionally fight, using their tusks as weapons, they apparently prefer to avoid each other and keep to themselves. An estrous female will mate with the male with whom she shares a home range, and then gives birth to one precocial fawn."

10.2. i belive that they live in hollow logs...

11. evolution

11.1. "is a ancient mammal species related to: Antelopes, pigs, dear and even bison!" from the national geographic: Eagle vs water chevrotain.

12. Reproduction