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Future by Mind Map: Future

1. to be going to

1.1. To talk about plans and intentions for future

1.1.1. We've decided that we're going to fly to Dublin

1.2. To predict something when we have some proof or information

1.2.1. The sun is up early. It's going to be hot today

2. Future Perfect Simple

2.1. to talk about activities that will be finished by a certain time in the future

2.1.1. I will have gone to bed by midnight

2.2. BY

3. Future Simple

3.1. for predictions based on opinions, beliefs, and thoughts

3.1.1. I think humans will land on Mars one day

3.2. For decisions we make now for the future

3.2.1. Someone's knocking on the door. I'll look who that is.

3.3. to talk about the future when we consider something a future fact

3.3.1. I will have my birthday the next week

4. Future Continuous

4.1. to talk about activities in progress in a certain moment of future

4.1.1. At this time tomorrow, he'll be flying to the US

5. Present Simple

5.1. with words " when, as soon as, by the time, until, after, before

5.1.1. When I go to university, I'll study chemistry

5.2. to talk about future when it is a part of schedule or routine

5.2.1. Tomorrow I have my English lesson at 2 o'clock

6. Present Continuous

6.1. to talk about plans and arrangements that have been confirmed

6.1.1. I am having my first interview tomorrow. They've called me.

7. Future Perfect Continuous

7.1. to talk about how long an activity has been in progress before a certain moment of the future

7.1.1. By 8PM I will have been revising history for five hours

7.2. BY