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Sharing on the Web by Mind Map: Sharing on the Web
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Sharing on the Web

confirmation bias

WHY - Motivations

Express an opinion

Social Definition

Connect with community

Social Promotion

Tit-for-tat (as in sharing via bittorrent)


Dislike / Desire to disrupt & harass

Seek help on a specific issue


spread the word

HOW - Types of Sharing

Social bookmarks - Digg, Newsvine, etc.


Add to profile - myspace, facebook, etc.

Share with individuals in social network - facebook, myspace, orkut, etc.

Share with entire social network




Collaborative Filtering / Rating Systems

The choice of the type of sharing is dependent on the motivation and the perceived strength of personal connection

WHO - Strength of connection

Friend or family

web friends

interest sharing friends

People I don't yet know who I want to know me

Shared Resource Networks - not interested in the person, but in the information they make available online

WHAT you share

Type of Content

Genre of content

Type of Info

amount of content

The Choice of type of sharing is also dependent on what you are sharing

Sharing opportunities

Contextual based on the what

Contextual based on the why

Contextual based on the who

Customized based on previous user behavior

activities about content - trivia, games, challenges, remixing, etc.

Receiving Shares