Leadership Theories

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Leadership Theories by Mind Map: Leadership Theories

1. Trait Theories

1.1. Early Historic Theory

1.2. Traits a leader already has

1.3. Power

1.3.1. Influence Charismatic Leader

1.4. Leader born with traits

2. Behavioral Theories

2.1. Emotional intelligence

2.2. Decision Making Leader

2.3. Democratic Leader

2.4. Hands off Leader

3. Contingency Thoeries

3.1. Transformational Leader

3.1.1. Decision Making Leader

3.1.2. Task Oriented Leader

3.1.3. Leadership dependent on situation

3.2. Transactional Leader

3.2.1. People do things for internal gain

4. Power and Influence

4.1. Core Compentency

4.2. Pygmalion effect

4.2.1. Leaders Expectations Performance By Leader Predicted outcomes

4.2.2. Subordinate's Expectations of Leader Leader Meets Expectations Leader fails to meet expectations