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Issues affecting APS by Mind Map: Issues affecting APS
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Issues affecting APS

School Leader

Leader Limitations

Do not see the long term cost:benefit of outside products/services

Tangible products are valued higher than intangible services

Access to solutions catered to APS limitation

Solution offering not tailored to, Student learning levels, Teacher competency, Available Infrastucture

Financial Limiataions

Access to finance is limited

Fear factor with small pocket of finance

Return on Investment, School fee is moderately elastic, Increase in enrollment has limitations


Teacher Competency limited

Parental Reinforcement limited

Motivation limited

Access to quality resources is limited

Learning aids



Service Providers

Information gap

Opportunities, market size, and geographical distribution

Available infrastructure

Student and Teacher performance levels

Parent's expectations

Delivery Challenges

Number of touch points required

Cost of follow up, coaching, and monitoring

Balance between scale and individual margins is difficult