Digital Strategy Roadmap for Brian Martens Consulting

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Digital Strategy Roadmap for Brian Martens Consulting by Mind Map: Digital Strategy Roadmap for Brian Martens Consulting

1. Start a Conversation

1.1. Create a Landing Page

1.1.1. Tells a focused compelling story

1.1.2. No wandering or distractions

1.1.3. Viewer is prompted to make a decision

1.1.4. Invite them to register for a Virtual Meetup

1.2. Host a Free Virtual Meetup Using Zoom

1.2.1. Make it easy for your audience to meet you

1.2.2. Establish trust through live interaction

1.2.3. Position Your Expertise

1.2.4. Attract to the Next Level (aka "Sell to the Next Level")

1.2.5. Offer Complimentary Consultation on the Zoom call

2. Form a Relationship

2.1. Free Consultation

3. Offer Transformation

3.1. Present the Opportunity

3.1.1. Paid Group Program

3.1.2. 1x1 Customized Training

4. Deliver

4.1. Live Workshops

4.2. 1x1 Customized Training

5. Attract the Right People

5.1. Pre-Qualify Your Leads

5.1.1. Work with Your Ideal Clients

5.1.2. Save Time

5.1.3. Stress Less

5.1.4. Build Stronger Community

5.1.5. How We Do It Facebook Marketing Focus on Demograhic with Facebook Targeted Posts Facebook posts that lead to landing page Linked-In Promoted Post

6. 5-Step Plan to Create an Automated In-Flow of Pre-Qualified Leads

7. What is Our Destination?

7.1. "We're Here to See Brian" An Automated Stream of Pre-Qualified Leads to Your Offer