the sustainability

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the sustainability by Mind Map: the  sustainability

1. government and food supply

1.1. tariff

1.1.1. 5% of chines supermarket goods are foreign

1.2. subsidies

1.2.1. in the USA, the government pay 1/5 subsides for market

1.2.2. international sugar supple

1.3. food

1.3.1. environment impact is smaller

1.4. corporations and food supply

1.4.1. larger corporation control food supply

1.4.2. synthetic nitrogen fertilizer food grows faster unsubtainable

1.5. covert famine

1.5.1. developing nation

1.5.2. people dont' hve money to buy the food on shelves

1.5.3. effects on the environment

1.6. impact of our current global on our environment

1.6.1. distribution of food by planes, trucks, ships increase CO2 and air polution

1.6.2. conversion of forest / grassland to crop production

1.7. impact on people

1.7.1. criticisms of biotechnology increased usage of herbicide rasidues on and in food crop

1.7.2. hurt organic and conventional farmers, unemployment

2. the climate changes

2.1. the definition of climate change

2.1.1. the eventual alterations of weather patterns around the world

2.2. the reasons of climate change

2.2.1. natural causes sunspot greenhouse gases the environment release much emission which make greenhouse warming

2.2.2. human contribution increasing uncontrollable the emission of greenhouse gases he gave the list of the climate change in 1980 and 1997 he gave a "atmospheric changes" chart and explained relationship between temperature and CO2 he explained the atmospheric changes in his second chart

2.3. effect of climate change

2.3.1. food food production is worsen

2.3.2. coasts raising sea levels have impacted on small pacific island environmental refegees are personal group of the people have to move their local regulate impact to the natural resources wildfire causes by high gases high temperature lack of rain more than a million dollar for protection from wildfire hurricane: the level of high and strng water solution 2009, a corporation helped to get all the countries to deal that issue achieve

2.4. PSU's climate action plan

2.4.1. purpose how to move the campus toward carbon neutrality by 2050

2.4.2. building developing the comprehensive energy conservation education program maximizing energy

2.4.3. communting reduce the need to travel long distance to campus housing near campus to decrease the emission from vihicle. the students can go to the campus easier by bus or walk. increase the parking fees telecommunication: more activities online. the students can stay at home to communicate biking and walking

2.4.4. solution recycling using the carpool using public transpotation riding the bike

3. the environment racism

3.1. the definition of environment racism

3.1.1. the racial discrimination in environmental policy making and enforcement of regulations and laws

3.2. factors

3.2.1. source of labor

3.2.2. cheap land

3.2.3. less knowledge to fight against

3.3. world wide

3.3.1. imbalance treat to local farmers

3.3.2. the 3rd largest pollution in south durban

3.4. national

3.4.1. mepaphis, TN

3.4.2. pine bluff, AR