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English A2 by Mind Map: English A2

1. Tess of the D'Urbervilles

2. Rapture

2.1. If i was dead

2.1.1. Form strength of love at the beginning of a relationship can raise someone from the dead body dies and becomes part of nature 'my heart/ soft mulch' regular metre solemnity & power of message

2.1.2. Structure Chiasmic simile, 4 metaphors, action, simile quatrains regular last stanza 'this', 'this', 'kiss'

2.1.3. language death semantic field of lack of control dead turns to nature vivid violence changing clichés rose biblical miracle of jesus 'I swear', 'my flesh and blood'

2.2. Rapture

2.2.1. Form sonnet 14 lines eponymous combines ideas of 'desire and passion' with that of 'queuing for death' and metatextuality 'chains of words' Title delirious joy religious final coming seizing or taking over living without love is like 'queuing for death' with love 'unacred blue' turns from 'not paradise' to 'heaven'

2.2.2. Structure sentence structure 'thought of all day by you, I think of you' ',while we stay trapped in time,' asyndeton volta comes on line 10 rather than 9 late

2.2.3. Language Seperation of lovers verb choice 'think of you' 'huge skies connect them' 'our selves' pantheism religion and nature used in unison life before love tedious and stupifying lack of control over life & inevitability metatextuality 'assonance' 'rhyme' and 'chain of words'

2.3. Row

2.3.1. Form

2.3.2. Structure opens with but sets tone of a row

2.3.3. language

3. The Great Gatsby