Oedipus Road Map

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Oedipus Road Map by Mind Map: Oedipus Road Map

1. Oedipus was a son to Laius and Jocasta. They didn't want the child so they gave him to a drunk man. That guy then gave him to a Shepherd who raised Oedipus. Oedipus then set out to find his real parents but on the way he runs into some problems. The events that lead Oedipus to become a man of noble stature is him defeating the sphinx. The city was under a plague and the man himself Oedipus solved the riddle which defeated the sphinx and saved the city. The city was so grateful that they made him king of Thebes.

2. Backstory:

3. 2. Other people that can be responsible are his birth parents, Laius and Jocasta because they tried to escape faith. Other people that could be responsible are his step-parents Polybus & Merope because they didn't tell him the truth and caused him to run away.

4. 3. Oedipus's exhibits his tragic flaws by having high-temper and impulsive behaviors. He makes the mistake of leaving his adopted family after hearing from the prophecy that he will kill his father and marry his mother.

5. Resolution:

6. 1. Order is restored in 3 ways. The first one is that the murderer is found and banished fro the city, because of this Creon steps into power and is now the king of Thebes, and last the plague is lifted from the city.

7. Falling Action:

8. 2. The audience experiences a catharsis when after Oedipus gauges his eyes out and is banished from the city, they show a lot of respect and praise for him. They talk about how he saved the city, defeated the sphynx and all the good things that he did for the city.

9. 1. After hearing his wife had killed herself. Then Oedipus stabs his eyes out to make himself blind and then he begs to be exiled from Thebes. He doesn't want to see what he has done to his family and his city. He also doesn't want to see his peoples faces when they see him.

10. The ethical code that coincides with the resolution is Aidos. This is because once he finds out that he is the murderer he is ashamed of himself and is so upset that he gauges his eyes out and asks to be banned from the city. "Drive me out of the land at once, far from sight, where I can never hear a human voice.

11. 3. The ethical code used in the catastrophe is revenge. Oedipus puts the act of revenge on himself by stabbing his eyes out because he finally knows who he is and where he came from so he can finally "see" clearly. "The god? His command was clear, every word: death for the father-killer, the curse-he said destroy me!" Oedipus says the gods want me dead so please Creon just let me go.

12. The inciting incident that sets the plot in motion is him killing Laius the king and his escort. Oedipus kills the men becuase he is in rage from his feet being held together as a child. The ethical code

13. Rising Action:

14. Exposition:

15. 2. The ethical code that coincides with this stage is revenge. He get angry that they ran other his foot and seeks revenge by killing everyone but one person."I began to see a herald, then a brace of colts drawing a wagon, and mounted on the bench... a man, just as you've described him, coming face-to-face, and the one in the lead and the old man himself were about to thrust me off the road-brute force-and the one shouldering me aside, the driver, I strike him with anger!-and the old man, watching me coming along his wheels-he brings his down his prod, two prongs straight at my head! I pay him back with interest!" This is his hamartia because this is when he killed the king and everyone was bound to find out what happened.

16. Climax

16.1. An event that marks the peripeteia for Jocasta is when she kills herself. She goes from being living to dead after she finds out the story about Oedipus and how he survived and is now the King of Thebes and a husband to his mom.

16.2. An event that marks the peripeteia for Oedipus is vision to blindness or happy to misery. Oedipus can see life but he cant see that he is the killer of Laius his true father and married his mother Jocasta even though many of people have hinted at it. He also goes from being a king and is all happy and then goes to misery in a blink of an eye because of the story which makes him poke his eyes out so he can't see his parents in the underworl.

16.3. I think his parents are responsible for his life. They received this karma because they sent him away while he was a baby to be killed. But the gods kept him alive and gave him this prophet.

16.4. The ethical code that coincides with this part of the play is Nemesis. I think Nemesis because the gods gave oedipus this prophet based on his parents and what they did to Oedipus as a kid. So Oedipus was suppose to fill his prophet which was basically that his enemies were his parents but he never knew who his real parents were until the end. The quote for Nemesis is in the backstory which is the prophet that Apollo set for Oedipus.

16.5. Jocasta's anagnorisis or self-discovery is when the shepherd comes to the palace and tells Oedipus the killer. But Jocasta recalls this because she sent a guy to put the baby on Mt. Cithareon to die but instead is saved by a shepherd.

16.6. Oedipus's anagnorisis or self-discovery is when he tells Jocasta his backstory. He recalls his whole childhood and who his fake parents are. He then realizes he could be the one but their is one word that he counts on which is thieves meaning he was solo and was not there.

16.7. I think he is responsible for him telling his whole back story because he had to tell Jocasta and she was not really pressuring him into telling her but he did trust her so he told her.

16.8. I think the ethical code that relates to their self discovery is kudos. They look to achieve personal glory so he tells people his story. The quote that shows personal glory in this is "I will tell you. I respect you. Jocasta, much more than these men here..." His personal glory is to try and find the killer of Laius and he does this by sending many people to his castle to tell the truth.

17. The events that lead us to the big reveal is when he calls on Tiresias to come and tell the truth about who is the murderer. Tiresias hints at it and guess what gets in the way of the truth. Oedipus's anger gets in the way which makes Tiresias annoyed and doesn't say. Oedipus leaves and enters his palace while Tiresias is yelling who the killer is but Oedipus does not hear him because he walked away.

18. 2. Oedipus' actions reflect on the chorus by having them think how could the Gods do such a tragic thing to one person. The Gods are supposed to look over them and give them a good life. The chorus also fears that Oedipus will destroy even more than what he has already done.

19. His tragic flaw in this situation is pride. Oedipus has so much pride in himself that when someone he gets angry when he is accused of the murderer. He thinks that he is the best and the savior.