PEOs: Overcome Obstacles to Sales Through Marketing and Technology

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PEOs: Overcome Obstacles to Sales Through Marketing and Technology by Mind Map: PEOs: Overcome Obstacles to Sales Through Marketing and Technology

1. Define "Reality"

1.1. Are you collaborating with your marketing team weekly to find innovative ways to nurture leads?

1.2. Is your site generating leads for you to nurture?

1.3. PEOs are adopting Digital Marketing, but very slowly

1.4. Disruptors

1.4.1. Small Threat? Shock and Awe Meet the Competition

2. How to win

2.1. Technology Maturity

2.1.1. Less disruption, channel maturity

2.1.2. Widespread adoption, no longer novel

2.1.3. Saturation, providers reach peak, monetize Organic rapidly declines. No-longer exclusively rely on non-paid SEO and Social for Inbound and Outbound.

2.2. How Inbound Marketing Works

2.2.1. Build an Audience First Buyer Journey Sweet-spot, Tilt Content Base 10x Content Snowball Channels

2.3. How to Win

2.3.1. Leverage Technology Your Most Powerful Weapon Outpace Your Competition Leverage PlanHub HubSpot Sales CRM

2.3.2. Knowledge Base Know more about your customers business than your competitors and even customers themselves.

2.3.3. The Ecosystem Sales + Marketing = Team Revenue Close the loop

3. Understand the Stakes

3.1. Massive Turnaround Is Possible

4. Revenue Plays Favorites

4.1. 5 Types of Sales Reps

4.1.1. The Lone Wolf Follows Own Instincts Self Assured Shrugs off systems of management

4.1.2. The Hard Worker Follow a repeatable process Nose to the grindstone Never give up Hungry for feedback Belief: doing the right things the right way will inevitably get you results. If they do enough calls, send enough e-mails, and respond to enough RFPs [requests for proposal], it’ll all come together by the end of the quarter.

4.1.3. The Reactive Problem Solver Reliable Detail oriented Ensures all problems are solved CSR in Sales Clothing

4.1.4. The Relationship Builder Focused on building advocates Generous with time and attention Belief: "“Whatever you need,” they’ll tell customers, “I’m here to make that happen. Just say the word.”

4.1.5. The Challenger Deeply understands the Customers Business Loves to debate Pushes the Customer 3 Key Abilities: Teach Tailor Take Control

4.1.6. Head-to-Head % of Workforce % of Workforce vs Performance