Learing theories

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Learing theories by Mind Map: Learing theories

1. Connectivism

1.1. prinicple

1.1.1. students learning through networking which ever network the learn choose to connect with would help them build up their knolwedge Connection

2. Behaviorism

2.1. prinicipel

2.1.1. its passed students learn through practice Renforcment to achieve a good behavior

3. constractivism

3.1. Principle

3.2. it is learner Centred by vygotsky

3.2.1. he talked about "zone of proximal development, it is what learners can do with help and what they can do without help learners can interpret the information they process knowledge is constructed based on how you interect with others, and experince

4. cognitivism

4.1. Principle

4.1.1. its three stage processing by Piaget learns are active participant in their learning sensory memory, working memory and long term memory


5.1. principle

5.2. TPACK stands for technology pedagogy content knowledge and is framework. its divided into 3 categories and four categories.

5.3. Technology knowledge TK. is the knowledge a teacher would have with technology, how to use different tools make teaching effective.

5.4. Pedagogical knowledge (pk) is the knowledge a teacher has on how to teach properly any course. a teacher might have a knowledge of course but without a knowing some method on how to teach it, technique and style it will be diffcult to deliver a course.

5.5. Pedagogical content knowledge. PCK- Is the knowledge the teacher has knowing the technique and the style to use for the content of a course the teacher has

5.6. content knowledge CK- is the knowledge a teacher would possesses for a course content.

5.7. Technology content knowledge TCK- is knowing the use of technology plus the content of course to teach

5.8. technology pedagogical knowledge TPK- Is the combination of what the teacher has the understanding of technology and pedagogical how to teach it.

5.9. Technology pedagogical content knowledge is the combination of all categorises, the teacher should have. the teacher gains more knowledge of category as the teaching processes

5.9.1. Implications

5.9.2. it is the responsibility of a teacher to have a good understanding of all cateogries, the reason is once the teacher has knowledge of all combind of TPACK, it makes teaching alot easier for teachers and the students understand the concept of any lesson. Connections technology is used in every class and courses. every teacher must have the basic understanding of technology. different tools that are used in class, mind map, interactive white board