Key economic trends and developments

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Key economic trends and developments by Mind Map: Key economic trends and developments

1. WWI

1.1. Mining

1.1.1. Canadian Shield Lead Copper Basic materials for manufacturing industry Zinc Coal

1.2. Manufacturing

1.2.1. Wartime production for Great Britain Creation of Imperial Munitions Board Artillery shells Ross Rifle Rapid expansion of canada manufacturing

1.3. Finance

1.3.1. Temporary Income Tax Introduced to pay off government debt

1.3.2. Victory Bond Borrowing from Canadians

1.4. Agriculture

1.4.1. Output grow to 4 times of pre war levels Feed allied troops on European front

2. The Great Depression

2.1. Manufacturing

2.1.1. Heavy Reliance on Export High Tariffs Lay off

2.2. Finance

2.2.1. Stock Market Crsh Easy Credit Lack of Financial Regulation Credit in Stock Market Creation of Bank of Canada

2.3. Agriculture

2.3.1. Poor Farming Practices

2.3.2. Grasshoppers

2.3.3. Drought Low crop production and price Agricultural Support Program

2.3.4. Disease


3.1. Mining

3.1.1. Uranium Atomic bomb

3.1.2. Potash Good for farming Export

3.2. Manufacturing

3.2.1. Department of Munitions and Supply Vehicles Aircrafts Ships

3.3. Finance

3.3.1. Victory Bond Support the War Production

4. Post WWII

4.1. Mining

4.1.1. Oil fields in Alberta Heavily relied in American Investment Creation of Petrol Canada

4.2. Construction

4.2.1. Mega Projects Trans Canada Pipeline St. Lawrence Seaway Trans-Canada Highway

4.3. Manufacturing

4.3.1. Small Auto Companies Purchased by Big Three The Auto Pact

5. 21st Century

5.1. Transportation

5.1.1. Canadair Regional Jet Export to US

5.2. Mining

5.2.1. Diamond Northwest Territories Development of the north

5.3. Construction

5.3.1. Gordie Howe International Bridge Increase trade with US

5.3.2. Right Honourable Herb Gray Parkway

6. The Roaring Twenties

6.1. Transportation

6.1.1. Automobile Windsor Automobile Capital of Canada Ford City Tourism Motel Road

6.1.2. Airplane Fly up into the north Development of the north

6.1.3. Railway Canadian National Railways Creation of CBC Private railways

6.2. Construction

6.2.1. Road

6.2.2. Electricity Grid Power Plant Transformer

6.3. Manufacturing

6.3.1. Factory Automobile Electric appliance

6.4. Finance

6.4.1. Credit card

6.4.2. Stock market

6.4.3. American investment Tax break