Analysis on John's Case

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Analysis on John's Case by Mind Map: Analysis on John's Case

1. Motivation

1.1. Maslow's hierachy of needs

1.1.1. john came from a broken family New node

1.1.2. He has no motivation to learn

1.1.3. He does not have friends, he dont feel a sense of belonging

2. Social Emotional Development

2.1. SEL

2.1.1. disrespectful to teachers

2.1.2. cannot sustain relationship

2.1.3. lack of communication with parents

2.1.4. Immerse in gaming

2.2. Reselience

2.2.1. unable to cope with stress

2.2.2. do not have anyone to talk to

2.2.3. deeply affected by his parent's divorce

3. Social context

3.1. Brofen brunner

3.1.1. micro parent very negative interaction with his parent teachers rude to teachers, lack of respect peers do not have friends, they view him as a bully

3.1.2. exdo mother's partner cane him for being disrespectful

3.1.3. maso teacher inform his parent regarding his failing grade

3.2. Vygotsky