Upper Airway Obstruction

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Upper Airway Obstruction by Mind Map: Upper Airway Obstruction

1. Epiglottitis

1.1. Swelling may be caused by anything from an infection to simply drinking coffee that is too hot. Epiglottitis can block the flow of air to your lungs and it can be potentially life threatening.

2. Foreign Body

2.1. Inhaling a foreign object, like a nut or bead, can cause acute UAO. A foreign object can get stuck in your throat or other air passage, causing an obstruction. While foreign objects can be inhaled accidentally at any age, this is most commonly seen in toddlers and small children.

3. Anaphylaxis

3.1. During an anaphylactic reaction, your airway swells and obstructs your breathing.

3.1.1. Insect bites/stings

3.1.2. Food

3.1.3. medication

4. Croup

4.1. condition that usually causes a harsh, barking cough. The barking cough is caused by an inflamed windpipe and vocal cords. The swollen windpipe causes the vibration of your vocal cords to sound different.

5. Tongue

5.1. If a patient is unconscious or unresponsive the most common airway obstruction is the tongue. Correcting this obstruction can be accomplished with the head tilt chin lift or jaw thrust maneuver.