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me by Mind Map: me

1. Goals

1.1. Graduate. I want to graduate from high school with all A´s.

1.2. Go to University. after I get all my credits from the JC i wanna go to a university.

1.3. NFL. I want to go to the NFL out of college and be one of the best players there

2. Hard Worker

2.1. When I start I finish, When I play a sport and I don't like it I wont quit I just keep pushing.

2.2. I go all in. Whatever I am going to do I make sure I give it my all.

2.3. Come back for more. If i cant pass something I will keep coming back until I do just like on my DMV test.

3. Struggles

3.1. Reading for long. I don´t like to read for long, because I start to forget what I read and i will have to read I all over again.

3.2. Working alone. I don´t like to work alone because I like to get a little bit of help from people.

3.3. Discipline. I have a little bit of discipline from playing sports, but I don´t have a lot. sometimes I wont listen to people.

4. Body Character

4.1. Nice. I let my friend ride my motorcycle then he crashed it and i took the blame.

4.2. Respectful. Even when I get yelled at by someone I still stay respectful.

4.3. Out going. My friends want me to go on a 4 hour trip on Saturday with them and I just said alright lets have fun.

4.4. Shy, If I don't know the people around me I wont talk and I can't walk up to girls and talk to them.

5. Talents

5.1. Can do flips. I can do a back flip front flip and side flip.

5.2. Hand eye coordination. To be able to play video games and catch footballs you need hand eye coordination.

5.3. Athletic. I am a sports player that plays many sports. When I play them I do very good.

6. Sports played

6.1. Football. I played football for 15 seasons made it the championship many times and won once.

6.2. Track. I ran track for 1 year and mad it to the championship that had 25 schools in it and we took 3rd place

6.3. Basketball. Played basketball for 1 year and got MVP. Lost in the championship.

6.4. Wrestling. I wrestled for 2 years and took first a lot and a couple 2nd place metals.