Diet and exercise

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Diet and exercise by Mind Map: Diet and exercise

1. Healthy diet includes correct amounts of everything body needs to keep healthy

1.1. carbohydrates

1.1.1. releases energy

1.1.2. builds new cells

1.2. proteins

1.2.1. releases energy

1.2.2. builds new cells

1.3. fats

1.3.1. releases energy

1.3.2. builds new cells

1.4. vitamins

1.4.1. for body to work well and prevent malnourishment

1.5. minerals

1.5.1. for body to work well and prevent malnourishment

1.6. fibre

1.7. water

2. Metabolic rate

2.1. is the rate of chemical reactions in your cells

2.2. Differs in everyone

2.2.1. usually higher in men

2.2.2. higher in bodies where greater % of muscle to fat

2.3. Increased by exercise

2.3.1. even stays higher after stop exercising for short time

2.4. Basic rate affected by genetics

2.4.1. health affected by inherited factors

2.5. Can influence through choices

2.5.1. eg increase through regular exercise as wells as building muscle mass

3. How much energy do we need depends on

3.1. male or female?

3.1.1. males need more

3.2. Age and situation

3.2.1. young people need more

3.2.2. pregnant women need more

3.3. What we are doing

3.3.1. eg sportspeople need more energy as they are doing more exercise and their muscles need fuel

3.4. Where we live

3.4.1. in hotter countries you need less food as use less energy keeping body at correct temperature

3.5. our metabolic rate

4. Exercise and activity

4.1. food supplies energy to muscles to make them work

4.2. Exercise = fitter = larger muscles = transfers more energy than fat =

4.3. the more exercise you do the more energy and therefore more food you need

4.4. too much food vs exercise = put on weight

4.5. about 60-70% of daily energy needs used up by basic chemical reactions to stay alive. About 10% to digest food leaving cc 15-30% for physical activity