How Do I Teach Critical Thinking?

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How Do I Teach Critical Thinking? by Mind Map: How Do I Teach Critical Thinking?

1. To teach it, begin by doing it!

1.1. Provide practice!

1.2. Relate to real world

1.3. Ask clarifying questions

2. Critical Thinking Exercises

2.1. Combine Ideas


2.3. Bad, Good, Interesting

2.4. Mindmaps

3. How Do I Learn To Use Mind Meister?

3.1. How do I get started?

3.2. Can I create customized themes?

3.3. How do I add notes, links, images, etc.?

3.4. Can I share and collaborate?

3.5. How do I present my mind map?

3.6. Is there an option to look at the history?

3.7. Is there a Google Doc Add On?

4. How Could I Use Mind Maps or In My Subject Area? Ideas Please?

4.1. Math

4.2. Science

4.3. English

4.4. History

4.5. Health/PE

4.6. Art/Music/Dance

4.7. Technology

4.8. Life

5. Each of us can easily do our part to teach students to think critically, whether we use technology or not. Now you have an assignment. Take a lesson plan that you already use and find a way to have students create a mind map to clarify the steps or process. Work with a member of your department to develop something collaboratively.

6. Not sure how to get started? Ask for assistance or look at the videos in the pink box. You will need to choose a lesson the has steps or a process, ideally. The more steps or parts the better.

7. Why use Mind Mapping?

7.1. Brainstorming

7.2. Visualize Concepts

7.3. Outline Documents

7.4. Increase Retention

7.5. Promote Critical Thinking

7.6. Supported by Research