Independence day

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Independence day by Mind Map: Independence day

1. Science

1.1. Create Paper

1.2. Wind Sox

2. Art

2.1. Create paper

2.1.1. New node

2.2. Create Flags

2.3. 3D Firework Art

2.4. Wind Sox

3. Pre-Reading

3.1. Picture Walks

3.2. Readings

3.3. Web searches

4. Pre-Writing

4.1. Create Declaration of Independence using the paper we made

4.2. Dramatic Play Area/Role play the signing of the decleration of Independence.

5. Mathematics

5.1. Create Paper

5.2. Create flags

6. Socio-Emotional

6.1. Projects done in small groups

6.2. Dramatic Play/Dress up as founding fathers

7. Music

7.1. 4th of July Songs and finger plays

7.2. Parade on Friday with the crafts, dressed up as the founding fathers, singing the songs we learned.