Love and Friendship By: Maddie, Zoe, and Morgan

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Love and Friendship By: Maddie, Zoe, and Morgan by Mind Map: Love and Friendship By: Maddie, Zoe, and Morgan

1. Friendship. Everybody has a different definition that they use.

1.1. Some people say that friendship is just being a BFF with someone that you have know for your whole life, and being there for them through thick and thin, rain and shine, and what ever may come at you guys.

1.2. Friendship is being there for someone when they need help, and are down. You should be a friend to everybody, even if it means hanging out with the biggest bully in all of school. You just have to remember that everybody needs a friend.

1.3. Some people say that a person can have only 1 true friend, but others say that as long as they are nice, and are there for you always, then you can have as many friends as you want. If you want to have a friend, be a friend.

2. Love. There are many different definitions of love.

2.1. Love is showing great compassion for someone else besides yourself. Its putting others needs before yours because you care for them and their happiness.

2.2. Love is not only showing someone your emotion and compassion. It is also feeling the compassion and embracing the feeling of love while you can. Its promoting your feelings for something you believe in and sticking with your desision.

2.3. Finally, love is not only just love. It is also from the kindness within. It is showing your true self while caring for someone else and seeing the true beauty within that person.

3. Love and friendship can change us.

3.1. There are many ways love and friendship can change us. One way is it can make us happier and feel better with our selves. Love and friendship can make us just always feel good and joyful.

3.2. Most of the time relationships are a good thing but sometimes they can be negative. For example having a friend could add a lot of stress to your life. You could feel that you always need to spend time with your friend or feel that you can mess up or make a mistake and your friend won't want you to be a friend.

3.3. In the book "Freak the Mighty", Maxwell Kane does not have any friends and pretty much just fails all of his classes and had to repeat the 7th grade 2 or 3 times; but once Freak came along, all of that changed. Max didn't have to repeat 7th grade anymore times, and didn't flunk all of his classes. That is a way that friendship can change you.

4. Freak and Max share a bond of friendship so much that it is almost a loving relationship. Max needs Freak and Freak needs Max.

4.1. When Max holds Freak up on his shoulders, Max knows Freak enjoys it and that is why he does it because he cares about Freak and wants him to be happy.

4.2. When Freak chokes because he ate his food too fast, Max picked Freak up and called for help. Trying to save Freak because Max cares about Freak.

4.3. When Freak saved Max from his dad by tricking Max's dad by saying that there was acid in his water gun and spraying his eyes. This shows that not only does Max care about Freak, but Freak cares about Max too.

5. Not only people can share a special bond with others, different animals can share bonds with other animals that are not even the same species.

5.1. Most people don't know, but if you look up animal friendships, there are literally thousands of videos, articles, and pictures of the weirdest combinations of animal friends.

5.2. The article "Learning From Animal Friendships" talks about how the most strangest animals can become the very absolute best of friends.

5.3. One of the interesting friendships was a snake had become best friends with his lunch (a hamster) at a zoo. Bazaar right? Do you ever become best friends with your food?

6. How does love change once enemies into friends?

6.1. Sometimes when someone is being bullied, most of the time it is because the victim reminds the bully of something bad that they don't like about them or someone else. The bully, will feel bad because he was bully someone he has nothing against, and sometimes the bully and the victim will actually become friends.

6.2. Sometimes, enemies can become friends by finding something they are interested in. If you both think, you are nothing alike, try to find something that you are interested in, you'll be friends in no time. And if you do become close, try to find even more things that you both like.

6.3. Love, is a powerful thing, sometimes a friend can help their friend become friends with someone they normally wouldn't want to be friends with. A friend can talk their friend into being nice to that person. With, the help of love lots of things are possible.

7. What causes friendship to end?

7.1. I was just surfing the web to see what other people had to say on how friendship can end, and then I came to this website and I clicked on it and it gives you ways that friendship can end, more on adult friendships. One of them was, that you are your friend has a baby, or gets married, another one was that one of you moves away, and a final on is after a big blow up.

7.2. One thing that I think causes friendship to end is if you and your best friend get into a big fight, and just never resolve from it.Everyone gets into at least one fight with one of their friends, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you don't have to talk to them ever again. Normally, they are talking to each other the next day.

7.3. Some people say that some actions can cause a friendship to end. Like if a person is rude, selfish, greedy, and mean, then you don't want to be friends with them, and if you are friends with them, then you want to stop being their friend, and choose another person to hang out with. If a person is nice, caring, kind, loving, and friendly, then you would want to be their friend. Notice that there are a lot more words that can describe a good friend than a bad friend.

8. What are some differences between love and friendship?

8.1. You will have love forever, because it is infinite. Friendship, though can leave you. Once you start to have a job, or marry or have children, sometimes you're to busy for friends. It is sad, but true.

8.2. Friendship is, a level down than love. For example on a scale of 1-10, Friendship would be a 5 or 6 and love would be a 9 or 10. Love and friendship are very close but they do have a difference.

8.3. Love is passionate affection for another person, it is attachment to a child, parent or spouse. Friends are someone that you can look up to, someone that will always be there, when you need it.

9. What are some similarities between love and friendship?

9.1. One thing that is a similarity is that you really cannot have love unless you start with a friendship. You can have a friendship, and not love, but almost 99% of the time, a love relationship starts with a great friendship.

9.2. There are many synonyms that could go with both love and friendship. Some of them being trust, loyalty, companionship, and affection. They all pretty much mean the same thing, being kind, and being there for another person.

9.3. Another similarity between love and friendship is that the other person (people) are always there for the one who is feeling sad or having a bad day. It also means that most of the time, whenever a person is keeping something bad or good in, that 99% of the time, they will share it with the other person (people).

10. Unlikley Friendships

10.1. In "The Running Dream", Jessica becomes a friend to someone she never thought. She becomes friends with Rosa, a girl with Cerebral Palsy. Jessica always looked down to Rosa, but when Jessica needs help with math Rosa helps her. Jessica repays her in the end and helps Rosa do somethings she always wanted to do: cross a finish line.

10.2. In "Learning From Animal Friendships", you learn that even the unlikeliest of animal can become friends. For example: In the article a hamster and a snake became friends. A hamster would normally be a snake's lunch but instead they actually became really close.

10.3. Also in "Freak The Mighty" there is an unlikely friendship, Max and Freak. This is an unlikely friendship because they are complete opposites. Even though, Max and Freak are nothing alike they are the best of friends. Freak is really smart, and Max has trouble learning. Max is tall and strong and Freak is small and fragile. They both need each other and that is why they are best friends.