Drugs and disease

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Drugs and disease by Mind Map: Drugs and disease

1. Alexander Flemming

1.1. discovered Penicillin - the first antibiotic- in 1928

1.2. scientist looking for way of killing bacteria

1.3. saw effect mould had on his cultures of bacteria

1.4. but he couldnt actaully make enough or keep it long enough to prove it killed bacteria and made people better so gave up

1.5. took another 10 years before it was tested and proven by Ernst Chain and Howard Florey

1.6. critical for demands of second WW and medicine generally thereafter

2. Medicine

2.1. often just relieves symptoms and makes you feel better but doesnt affect pathogens

2.2. over the counter medicines are like this

2.2.1. Included

2.2.2. Included

2.2.3. Excluded

2.3. eg drugs like paracetamol and neurofen are pain killers to ease eg headache, temperature

2.4. have to therefore wait for immune system to overcome pathogens

3. Antibiotics

3.1. antiseptics and disinfectants kill bacteria but are too strong to use in the body

3.1.1. Materials

3.1.2. Personel

3.1.3. Services

3.1.4. Duration

3.2. they would kill you as well! as the pathogens in the body

3.3. antibiotics are drugs that kill bacteria that cause infectious disease that can be used inside the body

3.4. they have changed the way we treat infectious diseases

3.5. have saved millions of lives

4. How do antibiotics work?

4.1. they damage the bacterial cells without harming the bodies cells

4.1.1. Dependencies

4.1.2. Milestones

4.2. we have many different trypes to treat differnt diseases

4.2.1. Schedule

4.2.2. Budget

4.3. scientists always looking for new ones to keep us ahead of the pathogens

4.3.1. KPI's

4.4. they do NOT have an affect on disease caused by viruses as the viral cells reproduce rapidly inside the body and take over the bodies cells so its hard to develop drug that kills those cells without damaging th bodies cells