process of making social journalism

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process of making social journalism by Mind Map: process of making social journalism

1. purpose

1.1. the prolific of being uploaded to Youtube. what people share and film => journalists and media organizations have to producing and sharing content.

1.2. journalists have become people who contribute ideas which should be debated

1.3. they asked questions, they have desired to start a conversation. and it's not necessary to hope that the public will speak back

2. result

2.1. a loss of faith and believe by public in journalists and journalistic practices.

3. solution

3.1. professions and media organization need to take much notice of the role of transparency

3.2. involve the community in a open way

4. historic trajectory of Twitter

4.1. the news which is posted in Twitter becomes virus and it was shared around the world

4.2. twitter is not journalism

4.3. Twitter incursion into daily journalism

5. journalists

5.1. not only sitting in a newsroom & discussing what to write, what to report, what to speak

5.2. has a main role in a process to involve public interaction.

5.3. many journalists get involved in social media through involvement with Twiiter.

5.4. many other journalists refused to engage in the process off social journalism. and they will never change their minds.

5.4.1. they involve with audience through writing letters to editors or through radio