carey - Atticus Finch

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carey - Atticus Finch by Mind Map: carey - Atticus Finch

1. the father of Scout and Jem

1.1. 2 kids

2. he has a pretty firm and yet fair attitude towards his kids

3. Atticus believes in justice and the justice system. He doesn't like criminal law, yet he accepts the appointment to Tom Robinson's case.

4. his wife is dead, we don't see her or hear about her in the story

5. defender

5.1. lawyer

6. teaches many life lessons that are highlighted throughout the book

7. he is very smart

8. he defends a black guy, this makes him hated on and called a 'nigga lover'. he was also spat at by Bob Ewll.

9. middle to high class

10. he treats his children like adults

11. he is a good shooter, but his kids never knew untill he shot the rabid dog

12. lawyer

13. temperate

14. defended Tom Atticus

15. takes on challenges

16. he is Christain

17. wife passed when scout was 2 years old

18. his interaction with other characters doesnt change depending ont eh character, he is always the same with every person... even boo radley