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Goals for

This is important to keep the project on track and to ensure success.

priority 1: get a basic ecommerce\rwebsite for 8" and 10" model

priority 2 : do a survey on how\rthey would like to pay for their\rpurchase

priority 3: build a pixster\rcommunity similar to\r

Todo Lists

Todos will be added to General until someone takes ownership.




Sean, please fill in some goals. If you need to discuss it with me, go ahead and give me a call. All projects go better with clear goals. ;) (you can delete this branch after reading)

Aesthetic Design


Site Map (Alpha)

CMS Notes

Joomla Notes

Virtuemart Notes

Ideas for Pixster Services

Related to Pix-Star

Related to Large Memory Cards

"Social" features

Order Prints with a couple clicks

Integration Notes




New Node