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pixster.biz by Mind Map: pixster.biz

1. Goals for pixter.biz

1.1. priority 1: get a basic ecommerce\rwebsite for 8" and 10" model

1.1.1. would be nice to be able to offer remote widget to feed the frame

1.2. priority 2 : do a survey on how\rthey would like to pay for their\rpurchase

1.3. priority 3: build a pixster\rcommunity similar to fool.com\r

2. Todo Lists

2.1. Larry

2.1.1. Design Logo

2.1.2. Design Template

2.1.3. Install Template

2.1.4. Install VirtueMart

2.1.5. Setup VirtueMart and optimize it's catalog for the products to be offered.

2.1.6. find best methods of Ebay and Amazon integration.

2.2. Sean

2.2.1. Give pixster.biz access credentials to Larry

2.2.2. Provide a rough List of products. Not too much detail is necessary, just enough to plan best catalog design.

2.2.3. Write content... (This is just a stub, until we decide what pages you will need to create.)

2.3. General

2.3.1. Decide What Joomla/VirtueMart add-ons should be included into site.

2.3.2. Find good promotional methods

3. Sean, please fill in some goals. If you need to discuss it with me, go ahead and give me a call. All projects go better with clear goals. ;) (you can delete this branch after reading)

4. Aesthetic Design

4.1. Notes

4.1.1. Color Change Buttons to burgondy

4.1.2. Fonts

4.1.3. Layout

4.1.4. Logo Ideas I think this could be a good logo, But obviously needs to be refined. I like this one very much.

4.2. Site Map (Alpha)

5. CMS Notes

5.1. Joomla Notes

5.1.1. Potentially Useful Add ons AcyMailings Docman

5.2. Virtuemart Notes

6. Ideas for Pixster Services

6.1. Related to Pix-Star

6.1.1. Set Your Pix-star Frame to different content sources

6.1.2. Access to Pix-Star.com Images

6.1.3. Add Annotations to a picture before sending it to a Pix-star frame.

6.1.4. Allow people to automatically add pictures to your frame. (family members, etc.)

6.2. Related to Large Memory Cards

6.3. "Social" features

6.3.1. Friends List

6.3.2. Messaging

6.4. Order Prints with a couple clicks

7. Integration Notes

7.1. Ebay

7.2. Amazon

7.3. Pix-Star

8. New Node