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Fiona by Mind Map: Fiona

1. Interests

1.1. Loves preparing healthy meals for her family.

1.2. Likes to play chess and different kinds of math games.

1.3. Raising her twin boys strictly.

2. Family

2.1. Siblings

2.1.1. Little sister Kate who`s whole life about her career. Moves back to Dublin to help her sister.

2.1.2. Little brother Derek who love to rap and writing lyrics. Makes her sister always laugh.

2.2. Husband Mark who is also a mathematician and a good father.

2.3. Father who love her children alot and especially appreciates Fiona.

3. Cancer

3.1. I scared of the disease beacause her mother did of it. Tries to be strong and not to show others her pain inside. Loses her hair because of chemotherapy but her sister and brother decides to cut their`s too what makes Fiona feel a little happier.

4. Personality

4.1. strong

4.1.1. keeps her feelings to her because doesn`t want others to feel concerned

4.2. surviver

4.2.1. survives from cancer

4.3. organized

4.3.1. eveything she does she does it carefully

4.4. nurturing

4.4.1. takes care of her twins and stands by her husbands side.